Is Quebec City’s drinking water source in trouble?

Is Quebec City’s drinking water source in trouble?

Most of Quebec City is blessed with drinking water that is cleaner than most bottled water but, it appears there may be a problem with the origins of that water and, although for the moment the news is good, there are concerns that the source of that water could be in jeopardy for the next generation of the population.

Drinking_WaterAfter some studies done on the quality and supply of Lac St. Charles (AKA the source) in 2010 by the firm Roche, the water entering the lake is becoming more and more polluted. Other follow up studies by Université Laval in 2013 confirm Roche’s findings.

It has been discovered that all the streams and their tributaries that feed the Lake are being polluted by various different factors which need to be corrected in the near future if not immediately. The lake itself is protected by laws restricting use and even prohibiting the use of motorized crafts.

The primary concerns are the water treatment plants in both Stoneham and Lac Delage, two residential developments north of Lac St. Charles, where sewage may be leaking into the surrounding rivers. There are other notable things which the study unveiled, such as residential septic tanks being faulty, agricultural waste, highway construction including traffic, and tree cutting practices that don’t respect the environment causing dirt to be washed away into the river system.

Lac St Charles supplies water to about 50% of this city’s population or approximately 280,000 people. It is clean, safe and abundant but, measures need to be taken to make sure the water chain remains that way. One solution being brought forward is for the city to buy up all the remaining land around the lake in order to preserve its shores from suffering any future development. New York City bought up the land around its water supply  river system many years ago maintaining the land in a natural state consequently preventing any further pollution.
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