Is Quebec’s Conservatory of Music and Dramatic Arts Closing?

Is Quebec’s Conservatory of Music and Dramatic Arts Closing?

Quebec City (Québec) 19 September 2014 – The directors of the Dramatic Arts and Music Conservatory of Quebec (Conservatoire de musique et d’art dramatique) are suggesting that the province close the regional centres in order to save money and the cities involved are not too happy.

The board wants to close the facilities in Rimouski, Trois Rivierès, Val d’Or, Gatineau, and Saguenay. That would just leave Quebec City and Montreal as the two remaining operational sites.

The provincial government on the other hand has not said it would follow up on the suggestion.

Culture is an important aspect of the Quebec landscape so if any of the potential closures are enacted upon it doesn’t necessarily mean the services will not be available, it only means the courses will be given by the school districts under the same curriculum.

For the cities involved it is a blow to their character and importance on the cultural scene of the province.

The move is basically, like everything else these days, to save money.

The conservatory has an accumulated debt of $14 million and by closing the regional centres would save about $3 million a year.

The decision will be made soon, as the government has until September 30 to get its budget restrictions on the table.

The regions affected by the closures, if it happens, are up in arms about the whole matter and especially in Rimouski, where the region is somewhat removed from the rest of the province simply by its geography.

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