Is the Wallonia-Brussels delegation leaving Quebec City?

Is the Wallonia-Brussels delegation leaving Quebec City?

Quebec City (Quebec) 27 February 2015 – The Le Soleil newspaper brought out a story today concerning rumours that the Wallonia-Brussels delegation (Délégation Wallonie-Bruxelles) which has been set up in the city for over thirty years may be moving to Montreal.

Wallonia is the section of Belgium that is predominantly French speaking and considers itself a nation onto itself, with their own Legislative Assembly separate from the rest of Belgium where either Flemish or German is spoken.

The territory has approximately 4.5 million inhabitants.

The delegation, which has an office on rue Buade in the city and a residence for its diplomats in Sillery has been in Quebec City for 30 years but, feels like the time has come to move to Montreal for economic and convenience reasons.

The office is basically a public relations bureau used to introduce and promote Belgium to the Quebec population. In a meeting which was held in the Belgium parliament recently, the Minister-President of Wallonie-Brussels, Rudy Demotte, suggested that the delegation be moved to Montreal to be closer to its economic and commercialisation offices which are already in the bigger city.

M. Demotte and a group of diplomats will be visiting Quebec City in the coming months to evaluate the present installations in this city and to study the feasibility of moving to Montreal. According to M. Demotte, the residence in Sillery is becoming expensive to maintain and is far from the downtown office.

The Federation had also thought of closing its office in Paris but, changed its mind on that decision.

M. Demotte mentioned that the delegation would probably keep some kind of office open in Quebec City but, on a much smaller scale.

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