Is the world’s largest crater in Quebec?

Is the world’s largest crater in Quebec?

Quebec City (Quebec) 11 May 2015 – Is it possible that the largest crater caused by a meteorite on the planet is right here in the province of Quebec? There are three Quebec geologists who think so and they think they have the proof.

The largest known crater so far is the crater in Vredefort, South Africa, which measures 300 km across with another, close to Sudbury, having a 250 km diameter. According to the three Quebec geologists, Serge Genest, Francine Robert and Normand Goulet their crater, which apparently runs from Lake Mistassini to the St. Lawrence River would measure approximately 500 km across making it by far the largest on the planet.

Citing the lakes in the Mistassini region as being part of the circumference of the crater, their findings continue on to show deposits of uranium within the circle which could only come from an interplanetary source. In the region of Chibougamau, there is also reason to believe that certain rock formations could only have been created by an extreme shock causing the stratification to be curved instead of flat or straight.

The meteorite would have hit the earth, according to the three geologists about 2.1 billion years ago when the only life on the planet would have been bacteria.

The three geologists were speaking at a conference on the subject held by four different geological associations from North America and although there are skeptics which, there always are in the scientific population, the three researchers are pretty sure about their findings and intend to continue finding proof to back-up their theory.

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