Is this the end for Télé-Québec?

Is this the end for Télé-Québec?

Is it game over for Télé-Québec?

Quebec City (Quebec) 13 January 2015 – The debate over whether or not to continue the broadcasting of a provincially run television station is once again in the limelight as provincial funds become less and less available.

Télé-Québec is a provincially financed television station which back in 1968 was founded to expand the francophone television options to a wider audience in Quebec.

At the time there was only Radio- Canada (also publically financed) and Télé- Metropole (now TVA) so there was a need for another francophone station to fill the gap between the two main channels.

Today however, everything has changed. There are francophone news channels, sports channels, and children’s channels with an ample variety of programming to satisfy the francophone TV appetite. Télé-Québec is watched by a small 3% of the population but costs the government about $55 million a year in taxpayer’s money. The logic behind the station no longer applies since there are so many stations that supply programming to those who wish to watch TV in French, and since Radio-Canada is also a publically funded channel it is a double whammy for the Quebec taxpayer who is paying for two channels, one of which very few people watch.

There is also the modern trend of people watching TV or playing games on the internet (usually via their mobile devices) which is affecting the viewing potential of all television channels, especially those that are not offering a wide variety of programming like Télé-Québec.

Most programming presented at Télé-Québec is produced by private companies, some of which are not even in Quebec, so the job loss by closing the station would be minimal as most of the more popular programs broadcast on the chain could easily be picked up by other channels.

The gist of this article, adapted by, was originally an opinion piece in Le Soleil, by Yves Boulet.

The facts and statistics however, are real.

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