Isabelle Boulay celebrates 45th birthday with friends on the Plains of Abraham

Isabelle Boulay celebrates 45th birthday with friends on the Plains of Abraham

Festival d’été de Québec’s 50th year, 25 years in the business for Isabelle Boulay and the singer’s 45th birthday – three good enough reasons to celebrate summer on the Plains of Abraham.

This year’s festival started in style with Boulay engaging with the crowd from the minute she walked on stage.

Accompanied by numerous musicians, singers, and a string section from the Quebec Symphony Orchestra, this was not a riotous, tub-thumping affair, nor was it intended to be.

A celebration of ‘all things Québec’ was appreciated immensely by all who witnessed it.

Boulay’s powerful, commanding voice shone throughout a strong setlist containing over 20 tracks.

Proceedings were interrupted not once, but twice as she was initially serenaded by the crowd with a traditional birthday song, followed later on by her partner and friends appearing on stage with a cake.

Clearly moved, she held it together both times. A true professional.

The evening contained anecdotes of her lengthy career, helped in no small part with appearances by favourites Paul Daraïche, Patrick Norman, and Les Soeurs Boulay.

The band and the Orchestre Symphonique de Québec really came into their own toward the end of the show once the country and pop style tracks had been performed.

The generous setlist allowed fans to hear and appreciate her music over the years. It was there for all to see.

Some of the crowd will have been with her from the beginning of her journey as Marie-Jeanne from Starmania to the multi-talented performer she is today.

Isabelle Boulay delivered over two hours of impeccable music.


1. La lune, 2. J’enrage, 3. Le train d’après, 4. Et mon coeur en prend plein la gueule, 5. Je t’oublierai, je t’oublierai, 6. Parle-moi, 7. Tombée de toi, 8. Mappemonde (with Les Soeurs Boulay), 9. Mon amour, 10. Una storia d’amore, 11. Nashville, 12. Perce les nuages, 13. Ring of Fire, 14. Quand on est en amour, 15. Lucille, 16. Entre Matane et Bâton Rouge, 17. Les yeux au ciel, 18. Les mains d’or, 19. Mieux qu’ici-bas, 20. Le saule


21. Le monde est stone, 22. Jamais assez loin


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