ISIS strategy meeting in Quebec City

ISIS strategy meeting in Quebec City

Quebec City (Quebec) 29 July 2015 – A closed door meeting of an International Coalition to combat ISIS/ISIL/IS will be taking place on July 30 at the Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City. According to Reuters the meeting will include political and military personnel who will discuss different strategies on how to fight the so-called Islamic State and if changes need to be made to the existing anti-ISIS manoeuvres being carried out by various American, Arab and European allies.

There will be representatives from the United Nations as well 20 countries including the United States, Canada, Europe and the participating Arab states. Canada is playing a significant role in the operations against the ISIS/ISIL/IS in the form of bombing sorties under the command of the United States.

Reuters states that all aspects of the war against the so-called Islamic State will be reviewed, studied and if need be, redesigned or recalculated or even certain aspects of the fight scuttled, if they are proving to be ineffective.

The coalition was formed in 2014.

Some time ago Quebec City was played host to another key strategy meeting between August 17 to August 24 in 1943, when Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill and William Lyon Mackenzie King met at the Citadel and also the Chateau Frontenac to discuss the invasion of France as a tactic to counter attack the Germans during World War ll.

A nuclear arms agreement was also signed at the same time between Britain and the United States.

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