Islands for sale off Île-aux-Grues

Islands for sale off Île-aux-Grues


If you ever thought of owning your own island an opportunity has just come up that could be of interest. Two islands, l’île du Cheval, and l’île Ronde were put on the market this week as being available as a package deal at a price of $2.7 million.

The two islands are just off the south side of L’ile -aux-Grues, a larger island with people living on it, and cover approximately 15 sq. hectares, which equals about 37,000 sq, acres. They are all part of a small archipelago of islands in the Gulf of St. Lawrence just north of Montmagny that also includes the historic Grosse Ile, the island where many Irish were quarantined back in 1845 after the great famine. The larger island, Ile du Cheval, has a building on it with five rooms but, not livable during the winter months. The islands have been owned by the same family for around 45 years and were bought at the time for around $20,000.00.

According to the real estate agent these kinds of islands are usually bought by hunters or by people looking for complete seclusion from society where you can do what you want, when you want, and how you want. There is no electricity or running water and no ferry service between the islands, you are completely on your own for transportation.

The whole archipelago has about 20 islands all together and most of the islands are owned by somebody. If you’re interested you will have to contact the real estate agent ViaCapitale.

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