Pensioner jailed in Quebec for setting fire to mattress in jealous rage

Pensioner jailed in Quebec for setting fire to mattress in jealous rage

Quebec City (Quebec) 12 February 2015 – This week saw the Quebec City courthouse send a 68 year old woman to jail. The woman, Héloïse Chartier, was sentenced to 14 months behind bars for having lit a fire which caused the evacuation of 40 residents from her building back in September of 2013.

Mme Chartier set fire to a mattress that belonged to her supposedly boyfriend, because he seemed to be showing more interest in another woman.

In a jealous rage she set fire to the mattress in an attempt to get revenge towards the boyfriend. The damage was limited to $25,000 but, caused a lot of trouble for the other residents of the building. The boyfriend was not at home at the time of the incident.

Normally a charge for arson is three years in prison but, due to Mme Chartier’s age and social standing the judge limited the sentence to 14 months claiming she was very vulnerable and had had an extremely difficult life. Her lawyer would have preferred a simple three year probation period including some neighbourhood volunteer work which would have kept her out of prison.

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