It’s official – Quebec farmer’s market is moving

It’s official – Quebec farmer’s market is moving

Main Pic: Marché du Vieux Port de Québec (entrée principale). Photo credit: Pascal Germain

Quebec City (Quebec) 22 April 2015 – It was announced on Monday of this week that the decision has been made to move the Farmer’s Market from its existing site at the old port, to the grounds of ExpoCité. Quebec City mayor Régis Labeaume made it quite clear that the best place for the market would be close to the new amphitheatre, citing that the present location was not suitable for expansion and that the ground was not adaptable to building new structures.

The mayor said there was problems with a water source at the present site and that the building is too small with not enough parking spaces. M. Labeaume also stated that the present locale had too many variables and rules which have to be respected considering the Quebec Port Authority has to be consulted whenever changes are made. The land at the ExpoCité belongs to the city leaving the door open for city developers to pretty much do what they want.

The new market will be housed in a new building which will be built especially for the occasion. There is a certain opposition to the move by the Citizens Committee of Old Quebec, (CCVQ) who feel the move is going to take away the charm and attraction the market adds to the community. The city met with local producers to explain the difference between having the market in old Quebec as compared to ExpoCité but so far, the press has not heard from the local farmers as to whether or not they are on board with the project or not.

What will replace the present marketplace is not known but whatever it is, it will have to be in conjunction with the port authorities approval.

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