It’s Snow Time

It’s Snow Time

It’s That Time of year again.

Snow_for_SaleYes it will snow again for the next five months and yes you will have to shovel it and push it away somewhere. If you want to shove it into the street however you need to have a permit from your municipality to do so. It was announced in late October that it is now possible to buy snow removal permits for winter 2013-14 with Quebec City. Those with a permit last year will receive a renewal notice in the mail. Most permits are distributed to contractors who remove snow from parking lots and dump it onto the adjoining streets, A residential permit is also available for those people who prefer to simply push their driveway snow to the end of their entrance. The idea is that the extra snow in the streets from driveways and parking lots requires about 30% more work from the city vehicles causing extra labour and equipment costs. Quebec City receives on an average 380cm of snow during the winter season.

There are two ways to buy or renew a permit:

• Online at / services. If no change is made ​​to the previous license and as long as the area for which a permit is sought is less than 100 square meters.

• In person at one of six district offices:

Beauport (10, rue Hugues- Pommiers) Charlesbourg (60 East 76th Street), La Cité- Limoilou (399 St. Joseph Street East), La Haute-Saint -Charles (305 Racine Street) Sainte- Foy- Sillery -Cap- Rouge (1130 L’Eglise) and Des Rivieres (330, rue Chabot ).

The license (permit) allows citizens and contractors to throw snow or ice on the street and on the sidewalk , ideally before the snow plows and sidewalk cleaners start their day. Without the permit, it is illegal to put snow in the street. The license is valid from November 1 to April 30. The cost is $ 6.12 for each square meter of surface area to be cleared.
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