Jacques-Cartier Beach erosion becoming a problem

Jacques-Cartier Beach erosion becoming a problem

Quebec City (Quebec) 15 June 2015 – The stretch of beach that connects Ste-Foy to Cap-Rouge along the St. Lawrence River is eroding in certain places and according to the city needs immediate attention.

Back in 2011 a study was done by the engineering firm BPR to determine just how serious the erosion problem was. It was discovered that a good amount of the sand was being washed away not only by the wave action of the river but more from the runoff from rain and melting snow in the spring. It was suggested that the city plant trees or shrubs along the affected river to impede the runoff from carrying the sand away or to redirect the runoff streams that head towards the river.

Whatever the solution, the city has decided to take action and solve the erosion problem on a 900 meter long stretch where the worst damage is found. The spokesperson for the city concerning the project, Wendy Whittom says the work shouldn’t disrupt the walking trails that exist along the length of the park. No budget has been set but the BPR study suggested it would probably cost in the neighbourhood of $1 to $1.3 million.

Known locally as Plage Jacques-Cartier, the beach and park which was originally initiated and inaugurated in 1992 by the ex-mayor of Ste-Foy, Andrée Boucher is one of the most popular parks in the area and is visited by thousands of people every year, and at any season, including winter when huge ice blocks form along the banks.

It is a cherished green space for adults and children alike.

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