J’ai ma Place still short $2 million

J’ai ma Place still short $2 million

Main pic: Façade de l’Amphithéâtre de Québec, en construction. Photo credit: Judicieux.

Quebec City (Quebec) 3 December 2014 – When the news was announced that maybe Quebec City could get an NHL hockey team a couple years ago a special reserved seat program was set up called “ J’ai ma place” (I’ve got my seat). The idea was to be able to buy a season ticket in advance getting the choice seats before anyone else, a sort of ticket presale if you like.

The rush was on and there were a lot of takers; about 5,000 seats were sold giving the holders the right to have their own private seat for the whole hockey season in the event there was an NHL team in the new arena.

Unfortunately, there are some seats that were spoken for but, so far haven’t been paid for. J’ai ma place is still waiting for $2 million from people who reserved their place but haven’t come forward with the money. In all, the J’ai ma Place group has received $18 million for the reserved seats, so the shortage of $2 million only represents 10% of the sales which, according to the president of the group, Luc Paradis is not a huge deficit in comparison to the total amount.

Another problem that has surfaced recently is the question of whether or not a priority will be given to the J’ai ma place seat holders for the Remparts games.

The actual season ticket holders for the Remparts would normally maintain their seats, but, there is a discussion going on between Québecor and J’ai ma place that possibly the J’ai ma place group would have priority over the regular Remparts season ticket holders.

Québecor bought the Remparts junior hockey team last week, so the seat reservations have become complicated since at the time when the J’ai ma place group was created the Remparts belonged to a separate private organization.

Québecor now owns the Remparts together with the rights to the events that take place in the new arena which could become a conflict of interest for both parties involved.

Have you got your seat yet?

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