Jardin Mobile – a blow to the pride of boul. Bastien

Jardin Mobile – a blow to the pride of boul. Bastien

Quebec City (Quebec) The company that was born on boul. Bastein near the limits of La Haute-Saint-Charles and Les Rivières is going through a difficult period.

The Epicia Group announced it has been placed under the protection of the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act. A plan to address the finances of the company that owns Jardin Mobile will be set up.

15 branches of Le Jardin Mobile are left. 11 of them are to close.

As far as La Haute-Saint-Charles and Les Rivières go, only the boul. Lebourgneuf shop, opened in 2004, will remain.

Approximately 400 employees will be affected by the rationalization of Epicia Group.

The commercial history of greengrocers Jardin Mobile started on boul. Bastien.

Ambroise Jobin was involved in the concept in the 1950s when he went to the market in Quebec near the St. Charles River. Buying fruits and vegetables from local producers for subsequent sale in Val-Saint-Michel (now Val-Bélair) Valcartier and Shannon.

Thus, the truck had become a “mobile garden.”

he then began selling produce from a kiosk in front of the family home. A shop was then opened on boul. Bastien. The first one.

“I’m a customer. The one where I go, remains open. It is a loss, ” said the mayor of Quebec City, Régis Labeaume.

“I was very surprised and disappointed with the closure. I am a very good customer and I went with my parents in the 1970s on boul. Bastien.

”This is unfortunate for those who work there and those who founded it.” said the member for Chauveau, Gérard Deltell.

So how long does Jardin Mobile have left?

2015 has not been a great start for some retailers in Quebec City as a number of other chains and stores are slated to close in the region.

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