Jay Sewall Duets 1 CD launch

Jay Sewall Duets 1 CD launch

Cassidy_Mathieu_CleoBlues Folks – Friday 9 January 2015.

Bluesman, Folksman, Showman…

There was some Blues, there were some Folks (quite a number actually, and pleasingly to see, across a broad age range) and there was most definitely a show. On Friday 9 January it all came together for the launch of DUETS 1 – the latest musical offering from legendary Canadian bluesman and harmonica master, Jay Sewall.

As the title of the CD suggests, Jay collaborated with a few others to ensure the music saw the light of day.

Such is the appeal of this septuagenerian with over 40 years in the music business to his name, he brought together a stellar array of Quebec province’s musicians and singers.

The launch event took place at the Centre d’art La Chapelle (The Chapel) in the Vanier area of Quebec City.

As the man himself said during the show ‘You’ve come to La Chapelle for the baptism of a new baby – DUETS 1.’

Not all of the performers on the album could make it for the launch, but that didn’t stop the show, far from it.

There are 11 songs on the CD, and to the delight of the audience, they were all given an airing.

The performers on the night included (among others): Barry Nameth (drums and singer), Monya Mathieu (singer), Andy Stewart (drums), Dave Parker (saxaphone), Paul Hinton (guitar), Valérie Clio (singer), Paule-Andrée Cassidy (singer), Mike Goudreau (guitar and singer), and Daniel Marcoux (bass).

Dave_Parker_SaxThe set list for the evening and the actual running order of the album was(*):

1 I’m a Lonesome Cat (with Stephen Barry)
2. Shabby Doo Bop (with Monya Mathieu)
3. Hobo Joe – Moanin’ (with Michael Jerome Brown)
4. Love is a Flower (with Suzanne Ungar)
5. Let Go Your Ego (with Valérie Clio)
6. Blanchette (Jay Sewall sings solo)
7. Take a Chance (with Mike Goudreau)
8. What to Do (Monya Mathieu)
9. Run Indian Run (with Barry Nameth)
10. Where Does Love Take Us (with Paule-Andrée Cassidy)
11. Good Morning Sunshine (with the Montreal group Swift Years)

(*) Denotes the artist who recorded the track on the album with Jay Sewall.

As with any show with this amount of people involved, there was much to-ing and fro-ing with singers, musicians, and equipment. This gave Jay opportunities to talk to the audience, introduce each song, and the artists there to perform them with him.

Jay, who played harmonica and guitar and also sang on the tracks, is a poet, storyteller, and a showman. His deep-gravelly voice enhanced those duetting with him, reinforcing their voices and allowing their own talents to shine through.

We were sent off into the night with a rendition of Good Morning Sunshine by Jay and his ‘supporting cast’ of 10.

A lovely, warm, happy song to end with. It made the journey home in the dead of a Quebec City January (-20c and counting) all the more manageable.

And that was the end of that. Or was it…

Well no actually, after a brief intermission, with a twinkle in his eye and a spring in his step, Jay’s Jam session kicked off and another happy bunch of musicians played on for hours. Friends new and old clearly enjoying themselves.

Jay Sewall organises weekly jam sessions for musicians of all ages and talents. Something he has been doing in the Quebec City area for over 20 years. Don’t be shy, get out there and have a blast!

I’ve seen the show, and I’ve listened to the CD. And again, and will probably be doing so for a while yet.

DUETS 1 is available on iTunes, Bandcamp, CD Baby, and in stores where all good music is on sale.

During the break between the album launch and the jam session we managed to catch up with a couple of people:

LifeinQuebec.com: ‘Jay, what does it mean to you to to bring together all these musicians and singers to work on this album?’

Jay Sewall: ‘Very touching, it’s a very personal thing to be able to do this with old friends. It was an honour tonight to be out there with them.’

LifeinQuebec.com: ‘Tell us what it’s like to work with Jay?

Monya Mathieu: ‘It’s a present, a gift. He’s so talented and a lovely man. I couldn’t say no.’

Dave Parker: ‘I’ve known him a long time. We’re old buddies. He writes good songs, he’s an honest player, and I enjoy playing with performers who are humble with their craft.

And then it was back to the jam session.


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