Jay Sewall Duets 1 CD Winner

Jay Sewall Duets 1 CD Winner

A couple of weeks ago we teamed up with Bluesman Jay Sewall and Livres Trois Canons – the Quebec City English bookstore at Place Naviles – to offer you the chance to win a copy of his new album ‘Duets 1.’

Read on to find out if you are the lucky winner.

Bluesman, Folksman, Showman…

As the title of the CD suggests, Jay collaborated with a few others to ensure his music saw the light of day.

Such is the appeal of this septuagenerian with over 40 years in the music business to his name, he was able to bring together a stellar array of Quebec province’s musicians and singers to work on the album.

The running order of the album is:

1 I’m a Lonesome Cat (with Stephen Barry)
2. Shabby Doo Bop (with Monya Mathieu)
3. Hobo Joe – Moanin’ (with Michael Jerome Brown)
4. Love is a Flower (with Suzanne Ungar)
5. Let Go Your Ego (with Valérie Clio)
6. Blanchette (Jay Sewall sings solo)
7. Take a Chance (with Mike Goudreau)
8. What to Do (Monya Mathieu)
9. Run Indian Run (with Barry Nameth)
10. Where Does Love Take Us (with Paule-Andrée Cassidy)
11. Good Morning Sunshine (with the Montreal group Swift Years)

And the winner is:


Your Duets 1 CD can be picked up at Livres Trois Canons.

If you didn’t win but would like a copy of the CD they are available to purchase in Quebec City at Livres Trois Canons – the English bookstore at Place Naviles.

Duets 1, by Jay Sewall and friends, priced $20+taxes.

Reserve or purchase your copy of Duets 1 by Jay Sewall and friends today.

Tel: (418) 204-4325
info @ livrestroiscanons .com

How to find Livres Trois Canons:

When you get to the car park at Place Naviles you will see a Second Cup, SAQ, and a TD Bank.
We are in the basement and the entry doors are between the bank and the coffee shop.
On descending the stairs you will see the bookstore in front of you.

In addition to stocking many thousands of new and used English books, Livres Trois Canada proudly supports Quebec musicians and singers by offering their music for sale in store.


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