Jazz at the Jeffrey Hale Foundation

Jazz at the Jeffrey Hale Foundation

FREE JAZZ CONCERT, screamed the headline in my email inbox.
My appetite duly whetted, I decided to read on.

The Jeffery Hale Friends’ Foundation invited Quebec City music lovers to a free jazz concert on the Jeffery Hale Terrace on Sunday 22nd August 2010.

So between 2pm and 3.30 pm on that wet afternoon, around 100 or lucky attendees were treated to an afternoon of popular jazz standards in the Coin de Soleil room (the terrace being rather sodden at that time).

Paul Hinton, on jazz guitar, and Dave Parker, on saxophone, were superb.

They got the crowd singing and dancing along to many well known jazz tunes.
(Just loved the Harlem Globetrotters anthem).

The only real complaint was that it wasn’t long enough!!!
The music was too good and none of us present wanted it to end.
(Hint, hint – Paul or Dave if you’re reading this – please let us know when and where you’ll be performing next).

By Andrew Greenfield
Photo courtesy: Paul Hinton

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