Je ne vous haïs pas, Mr. Sullivan.

Je ne vous haïs pas, Mr. Sullivan.

As an Albertan and Canadian I hope the Parti Quebecois wins a majority in Quebec and then separates. The rest of Canada is tired of paying the way for most of those leechin’ sons o’ bitches. The only thing those elitist parasites know is take take take. Quebec collects 10 times more in transfer payments from the federal government than what it pays . While Alberta pays 10 times more than what it receives. All I can say good riddance to those corrupt money grubbing leeches. The rest of Canada would be better off without them.

Dan Sullivan*
Red Deer, AB.

Dear Mr. Sullivan,

First, thank you for sending us your comments.  After all, we’d asked for them.  To your credit, compared to most other similar messages we get, at least your spelling and grammar are top-notch (sentence fragment notwithstanding) – although your understanding of equalization payments could use refinement.  But the truth is, we receive emails like yours regularly, and for the most part, we simply delete them.  Life in Québec is and always will be a socially and politically neutral ground for exchange of ideas… but we have a strict policy against hate speech.  Yes, I want you to understand the full weight of those words: what you are saying is hate speech, and you are better than that.

We delete these messages without a second thought because we know your words are molded by a minority of misinformed individuals who know very little about Québec other than second- or third-hand accounts.  We know that these accounts are usually delivered to you through hostile television, radio, print, and online sources, and we know those sources profit by misleading and manipulating you into hating us.  Hate is a powerful force, after all, and if deliberately and systematically portraying us Québécois as “leechin’ sons o’ bitches” and “elitist parasites” boosts their ratings and pads their bottom line, then that’s exactly what these manipulative sources will do.  And then, pretty soon, that hate stops being a simple cash cow pushed on to you by producers driven by advertising dollars.  Your friends start repeating it to you as fact.  You start to believe it, despite having no evidence of your own.  That hate becomes something much worse than a marketing strategy: it becomes real.

But, Mr. Sullivan, we also know you don’t represent all Albertans, or all Canadians for that matter.  We know you don’t represent anything more than a small minority – a much smaller minority still than the number of Québécois who want to separate from Canada, even.

You know, Mr. Sullivan, sometimes I look west and I’m tempted to imagine everyone in Alberta thinks like you do.  I’ll admit it Mr. Sullivan, every time one of you writes a message in the comments section of yet another misinformed and manipulative Québec-hating article, I become angry.  Anger clouds my judgement and makes me forget that most Albertans are surely not like you, just like how I’m sure your anger makes you forget that most (70%, in fact) Québécois do not want to separate from Canada.

Mr. Sullivan, if I can simply delete the anger-inducing messages we receive here at Life in Québec day in, day out, and still have every faith that the overwhelming majority of Albertans and Canadians are not as hateful as you, then surely you can turn off your hate-filled radio, change TV channels, and stop reading the same manipulative and misinformed rants.  You can see for yourself how the Québécois are what the Québécois think.  Yes, you’ll find we’re likely different from you – and that’s ok!  Being different doesn’t mean you have to be afraid of us taking your money, or that you’d be “better off without us” because we’re “parasites”.  I understand often the language barrier makes understanding the cultural barrier that much harder.  If you don’t speak French, that’s fine (though it would bring you great benefits to learn!) – Life in Québec was founded in part to help exchange ideas across language lines and we’re happy to provide you with a real look at what Québecois think and feel in English, if that helps us better communicate and live together.

Nous ne vous haïssons pas, Mr. Sullivan.  Vous n’êtes pas obligés de nous haïr non plus.

* Name changed to protect Mr. Sullivan’s identity.

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Farnell Morisset

Farnell Morisset is passionate about discussing (among other things) the issues of modern social identity for many Québécois who, like him, feel deeply connected to the Québécois nation and culture yet do not identify with the traditional francophone non-practicing Catholic nationalist image. He has an engineering degree from Université Laval and is currently a law student at McGill University.


  1. peter
    peter 10 April, 2014, 17:30

    I do not condone nor condemn Mr Sullivan’s viewpoint of the political shenanigans that goes on here in the Province of Quebec .
    He is one of many , I am sure , that have had enough of these Péquiste grievances and that the only solution according to the PQ is to secceed from the rest of Canada .
    Twice the citizens of the Belle Province said ¨ NON MERCI ¨ to this proposition and every time the PQ are in governance , the question of independence takes the forefront , as demonstrated during the last elections .
    It is mentioned that 70% of Québécois do not want to separate , is that 70% of Anglo Québécois , 70% of Francophone or 70 % of the general population of Quebec , if it is from the general population then this disinterest for an independent country has fallen on deaf ears of the Nationalists and Patriots of the PQ .
    This fact is evident as demonstrated at election night when the huge loss for the PQ was realised that they should end with the phrase
    ¨On Veut Un Pays¨ over and over , it reminded one of Germany of the 30’s with ¨Hail to Victory¨ chanted over and over .
    Mr Sullivan’s comment , undiplomatic it maybe , strikes a chord of being seriously fed up and understandably so . The conciliation that we share with the rest of Canada will be no more false promises or misleading statements from a party intent of dissolution for the next four years . All Mr Sullivan did was ¨Dire Tout Haut Ce Que L’on Pense Tout Bas¨

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