Jean-Michel Anctil: Does Your Funny Bone Need a Tickle?

Jean-Michel Anctil: Does Your Funny Bone Need a Tickle?

Review by Carrianne Bell

Jean-Michel Anctil might look like an average Joe, but he is anything but average. Appearing in his fourth show, Je4n Michel, he packed the house at the Salle Albert Rousseau in Quebec City last night. With fans having bought their tickets up to a year in advance, the anticipation for his fourth one man show was high. Luckily he didn’t disappoint: the three minute standing ovation at the end proved that he was worth the wait.

Presented without an intermission, the show is a typical stand up comedian routine. Anctil draws the material for his stories and jokes from his daily life.

A father of three, he talks about living with a teenager, getting older, physical fitness and growing up in the suburbs.

His stories are heartfelt, energetic, and you guessed it, funny. I found myself chuckling along with his stories, but felt a bit lost when he went into characters. I preferred the part of the show where he was his authentic, genuine self, and, luckily for me, that was the majority of the show.

My favourite part was the story that he told was about going to his friends newly decorated apartment and then feeling pressured by his girlfriend to redecorate their own house. We have all been there, standing in the store and staring at the $100 cushions and wondering, just as he did, if they were filled with drugs in order to be worth that much.

Jean-Michel_Anctil_Mar2017_2Anctil is charismatic and charming. When I got to meet him at the end of the show, he was compassionate to everyone in the line. He seemed genuinely interested in talking them and getting to know a slice of their personality. As you can see from the picture, I felt at ease with him right away and he was easy to laugh with. ( Despite him saying the opposite, he is quite handsome ).

Although I enjoyed the show, and left with a warm fuzzy feeling, I can’t say that it was the best I have ever seen. It seemed to be similar to a lot of other stand up routines that I have seen. There was nothing that really set him apart from others except for when he went in character at the end, which seemed to be the audience’s favourite part.

Anctil launched his career in 1996. Self-titled, it was an instant success and was performed over 250 times throughout Quebec. He went on to sell tens of thousands of DVDs and CDs, winning various awards including an Olivier.

Also known for his acting skills, Anctil is well known for his roles in Le coeur a ses raisons, 450 chemin du Golf and 30 vies.

He has also has successful career in radio, with shows on MusiMax and Radio Détente.

If you feel like your funny bone needs a tickle, Je4n-Michel Anctil is on at the Salle Albert-Rousseau March 2-4 and  back again from June 9-10.


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