Jesus Christ Superstar in Quebec City

Jesus Christ Superstar in Quebec City

By Carrianne Bell

Recently, in the beautiful setting of Chalmer’s Wesley Church in Old Quebec, I was lucky enough to catch a presentation of the Quebec Art Compamy’s rendition of Jesus Christ Super Star.

Written by the famous Broadway duo, Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber, the QAC brought together over 40 performers to tell the story of the last days of Christ.

Michel Blackburn stars as Jesus, with Julian Dawson as Judas and Zita Bombardier-Touret as Mary Magdalene rounding out the main characters. All delivered emotional, on-point performances, bringing to life favourite songs such as Heaven on Their Minds, I Don’t Know How to Love him, and the title track Jesus Christ Superstar.

The show stopper tune though, was definitely King Herod’s Song. Played by Martin Trager, his portrayal of Herod, complete with glittery star sunglasses and sequinned back up dancers, brought the roof down.

The true beauty of the production, however, is the background actors. Although the main characters are played with passion, the stage is often shared with up to 40 other characters. Each one of them was expressive, enthusiastic and engaged, making this production community theatre at its best.

The other silent star was the church itself. One of the advantages of holding the play there was the ability to integrate the religious setting into action.

At the end of the play, when Jesus was crucified, the impact of seeing him hung there in the church sent shivers down my spine.

The musicians were also fully able to take advantage of the churches acoustics; the live band enhanced the ambiance substantially.

At the beginning of the second act, we were treated to a musical interlude played on the church’s organ, setting the tone for what was to come.

The only criticism I have for the production is that sometimes the singers voices were drowned out by the level of sound from the band, making it hard to hear the words. Hopefully this will be fixed for the next few presentations.

Over the years I’ve seen many plays staged by the Quebec Art Company company and all of them are full of heart. It is an amazing organization that brings together people from all different walks of life through the English community. It is truly a wonderful organization.

For more information on the QAC and their production of Jesus Christ SuperStar, visit


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