Jobs abound in Quebec metropolitan area

Jobs abound in Quebec metropolitan area

Quebec City (Quebec) 12 October, 2014 – The Québec City metropolitan region has exceeded expectations in terms of job recovery in the third quarter, and, against all expectations, according to the chief economist of the International Québec, Louis Gagnon.
During the quarter, there were 427,000 jobs in the region, 12,800 more than the same period last year.

“We did not put all our eggs in one basket. It was diverse, but not to the point where profit was not there. We sat on key sectors such as health, information technology, manufacturing, financial services, “commented Mr. Gagnon.

Its momentum
If the metropolitan region has done very well out of the game, it should build on this momentum so that the economist states that 429,000 jobs could be grazed early in the year.

“The outlook remains positive for information technology, biopharmaceuticals, financial services and insurance.

The manufacturing sector, which quietly revived in the United States, would also stimulate the economy of Quebec suggesting a positive impact on its businesses. Mr. Gagnon did admit that this is what has helped offset the loss of 2,600 jobs between August and September.
“Residential construction is a little behind, but there are many projects that could be created by 2017. Since 2008, the sector made up for the lack in manufacturing and there, it’s the opposite” he said.

However, the major investment in non-residential construction will compensate the slowdown. “It is expected the investment of nearly $ 1.2 billion equalling the record of last year.

The expansion of the Galeries de la Capitale and Carrefour St-Romuald contribute to the growth of employment. ”

In addition, Mr. Gagnon argues, we’ll be active in the search for more labour this fall.

To that end, two economic missions are planned soon in France.
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