“Jordan” decision allows another man accused of murder to avoid trial

“Jordan” decision allows another man accused of murder to avoid trial

An organized crime handler will escape his trial for murder because of lengthy judicial delays. Already sentenced to life imprisonment for another homicide, he will, however, not be a free man anytime soon.

Yesterday, Ryan Wolfson became the second Quebecer accused of murder to benefit from the Jordan Supreme Court ruling at the Montreal Courthouse.

The 45-year-old will nevertheless remain in a federal penitentiary for the time being, as he is already serving a life sentence for another murder, Frederick Murdock’s, dating back to autumn 2012.

He was convicted of this assassination as well as two other attempted murders last October: that of Vincent and Tommy Pietrantonio. Wolfson brought these verdicts to appeal.

The murderer was still facing a second trial in September 2017, this time for the murder of Pierre-Paul Fortier and the attempted murder of ex-hockey player Dannick Lessard.

According to the Crown’s theory, all these attacks were allegedly commissioned by Benjamin Hudon-Barbeau, a close friend of the Hells Angels, known for his escape from Saint-Jérôme prison in 2013. He is also being accused of these crimes.

58 months

If Wolfson’s second trial had taken place as planned, it would have taken more than 58 months since the charges were laid, in November 2012.

L’arret Jordan now limits the delays for this type of crime to 30 months.

“Only the indolence of the prosecution explains the increase in delays that add to chronic institutional deadlines,” said Judge Guy Cournoyer. Considering the circumstances, it is regrettable that the stop of proceedings against the accused should be ordered. ”

All smiles on hearing the magistrate, Wolfson winked at Me Alexandra Longueville, who defended him until very recently.

“The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms was written for everyone,” the lawyer said after the hearing.

The Crown will take the time to analyze Justice Cournoyer’s decision before deciding whether to appeal.

“We are not at all in agreement with the analysis that the judge has made,” said Steve Baribeau.

“Laughing at everyone”

Present in the courtroom, Pierre-Paul Fortier’s parents confirmed that there was no justice.

As for Dannick Lessard, his point of view was different. “He’s saving himself in a way, but he is already in prison for life. At least I’m still breathing, I’m lucky to be alive, “said the one who took nine bullets.


“The prosecution had the tools to have the accused tried within reasonable time, but it did not use them. Despite the insistence of the accused to assert his rights, he did not care. ”

– Judge Guy Cournoyer

“We did not expect that at all. We find it stupid that the judge blames the Crown for this. We hope she will appeal. ”

– Nicole and Jean-Jacques Fortier, parents of the victim Pierre-Paul Fortier


“Again, this is a shocking situation. […] There is a real problem in the justice system, and the Quebec justice minister must react. ”

– Simon Jolin-Barrette, CAQ MP

“This is very serious. This is truly the public’s trust, already so badly affected by its justice system, that is being shattered. ”

– Véronique Hivon, MP for the PQ

“It’s starting to become scandalous. It’s incredible. I cannot believe how unresponsive the government is to the victims. It’s taking hiding behind numbers and figures to say that there is no shortage of judges and, in the meantime, judges are obliged to release people accused of murder or rape. ”

“The Liberals must begin to show a little more sensitivity towards the victims.”

– Luc Berthold, spokesperson for the Conservative Party of Canada on Justice

“Our Government is committed to ensuring that our criminal justice system ensures the safety of our communities, protects victims and demands accountability from offenders. I work closely with my officials and have had discussions with our provincial and territorial colleagues on the issue of judicial delays and the effects of Jordan. We know there is no single solution to this problem. […] That is why the federal, provincial and territorial ministers of justice will meet next week to discuss the effects of the Jordan decision and possible responses to the issue of delays within the justice system.”

– David Taylor, Director of Communications

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