Joy for Quebec’s Urban Cyclists

Joy for Quebec’s Urban Cyclists

After years of delays and changes, Quebec City’s cyclists can start wheeling along the finished version of the Upper Town bike boulevard from November onwards. The road markings will be completed in the spring. 

It has always been expected in November and hopefully by then, everything will be in place including the signs. Only the markings on the ground will be left to do, and they will be completed next Spring as special climatic conditions are needed. 

Cyclists who are not afraid of the cold autumn weather will have the opportunity to test the bike lane in November. 

The facilities promoting bicycle circulation will remain throughout the coming winter months.  

All facilities are permanent and are part of the street and nothing will be removed for winter. Heavy snow or not. 

The Upper Town bicycle boulevard has been hoped-for for many years by city cyclists, linking Laval University and the Quebec Parliament by taking in , amongst others, rue Callières and rue Père-Marquette. 

Work on Pierre-Bertrand 

The other major cycling project in Quebec’s capital city will start in the coming weeks. The council must approve the $ 1.9 million contract in order to begin work on boul. Pierre-Bertrand. 

The first construction weeks will be used to establish a central corridor for bicycles between rue Rochers and rue Rocailles.

Work is slated to begin this Fall. 

As cyclists have the right to security at intersections, there will be special lights adapted for cyclists and pedestrians.

Further work will be carried out next Spring for the bikeway, and completion is expected in summer 2013. 

However, a smaller section will remain, a section which will be completed in the future to link rue Rocailles and boul. Lebourgneuf.

There’s sure to be a few more happy cyclists out there now.
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