Just in time: Canada’s next PM?

Just in time: Canada’s next PM?

Job Patstone on Trudeaumania and possibly having just met Canada’s next Prime Minister

Two important Canadians, in the likes of Romeo Dallaire and Justin Trudeau, came to Quebec City for a corn roast on August 22 to mingle and partake in a quiet fund raising political rally to meet the local citizens and give us all a “pep talk” on how great this country is and what it could become.

I had the pleasure of shaking hands with both individuals, and was moved more by Mr. Dallaire, whom I went and introduced myself to, more than Mr. Trudeau knowing what Mr. Dallaire has been through and what he did for his country, and other countries for that matter. It was a humbling experience.

Meeting Justin Trudeau was of course a pleasure, as much as it was exciting, realizing that he could possibly be Canada’s next Prime Minister. What made it a bit extra special for me was that back in 1968, I was present and a voting member at the convention where his Father was elected Leader of his party; a leader who eventually became Canada’s most popular and successful Prime Minister.

At the time, the country was caught up in what was referred to as “Trudeaumania”, a phenomena which has never been equalled by any politician since. That is until now. Many people are referring to his son’s popularity as “Trudeaumania part two” and indeed the latest polls show him having a 90% satisfaction rate throughout the country and that country will be following this young man very closely in the coming months to see just how different, or even similar he will be, in comparison to his Father.

Unfortunately, he has his Fathers footsteps to fill or not to fill, and his challenge is to prove himself as his own man, which could be a “défi” that may or may not work for him, one never knows in politics.

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