Justin Trudeau: East Energy Needs More Transparency

Justin Trudeau: East Energy Needs More Transparency

Quebec City (Quebec) December 13, 2014 – East Energy Oil Pipeline Transportation Project did not get the “social license” required, believes the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, Justin Trudeau. According to him, government and TransCanada have not demonstrated that they intended to exploit the natural resources responsibly.

“The project has not yet reached the level of acceptability for it to pass,” said the Liberal Leader, interviewed by Le Soleil on Friday. “I hope they will develop a way to reassure and demonstrate that it would do so responsibly. They are not there yet, far from it,” he ruled.

To get the required approval, Trudeau considers that the instigators should reassure scientists and citizens “that it is in the long-term public interest and our prosperity and our ecosystem and natural resources.” Does he hope they will succeed? The aspiring Prime Minister gives no answer. “It’s not for me to speculate. It is for me to watch what they are doing and demand that there be a level of transparency and scientific and intellectual rigor that people expect.”

In early fall, the Liberal leader had offered his support to the proposed export of oil from tar sands in western Canada to New Brunswick, focusing on achieving a balance between “Environment and Economy”. The pipeline must pass through the Québec where TransCanada has faced strong opposition from the community and environmentalists, especially because of the construction of an oil terminal in Cacouna in an area known for being a beluga breeding ground.

For Justin Trudeau, the East Energy pipeline is an “important dossier” in 2015. “A strong economy and a healthy, sustainable environment go together.  We cannot choose,” said he argued. At the top of his list of priorities for the coming year is also the economy, where he intends to bring forward measures to ease the burden of the middle class.

If he does not want to immediately detail what he plans to offer to Canadians, the MP for the Papineau riding assures his team will be ready if the Harper government chooses to call an election before October 19. By then, he promises to return often to the Capitale-Nationale, which he says is a priority for his party. He also believes that Ottawa has to be “a much more active partner with the province and the municipality to ensure the community’s needs” in the Quebec Bridge.

“For me, the federal government could very well be part of a project to raise funds for this bridge,” he added. The city, the province, and the federal government have already agreed to extend $100 million to repaint the structure owned by CN.

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