Justin Trudeau in Quebec City Liberal Rally

Justin Trudeau in Quebec City Liberal Rally

It’s election season and here’s (for some) where the fun begins.

This was Federal Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau’s 4th visit to the region in the last 12 months.

Clearly the Liberals place the importance of Quebec high on their agenda, and that was evident at the rally held in Hôtel Québec in the Ste-Foy area of Queebc City on Thursday 9th April, 2015.

Prospective candidates were introduced, and new and old party leaders, supporters and volunteers were out in full force.

The room was packed, standing-room only.

We button-holed a couple of attendees to gauge opinion before the main event.

LifeinQuebec.com ‘Why are you here tonight?’

Scott Emery ‘I’ve come along really to see what he’s got to say. Is he offering a real change? Is what he’s proposing different to what we already have?’

Gérard Wood ‘I feel that the Liberal Party stands for social justice. I want to encourage that. Social justice, for me, is more important than big business and helping the wealthy. Most Canadians aren’t rich in the monetary sense. Social justice is important to me.’

The partisan crowd was whipped up by a couple of local prospective candidates and in he came.

In Justin Trudeau came to thunderous applause. He worked the crowd as well as I’ve seen anyone do.

When he began to speak people put away their smartphones. You could have heard a pin drop.
Working without notes, although what he was saying was obviously what the party faithful wanted to hear, it did come across as genuine.

Full of passion and charisma, this man wants change and he appears up for the fight.

Justin Trudeau ‘Every time I come back to Quebec, the room is fuller, the crowd is bigger. Every time I come here I see it more and more.

Politics, is it worth getting involved in, isn’t it just people arguing?

Yes it is worth it.

I want for Canada what you want for Canada. We have to work hard. We all have a role to play, perhaps now more than ever.

Canada wants Quebec and Canada needs Quebec.’

Is this all bluff and bluster? Would things be different under a Trudeau administration?

We’ll have to wait and see, but one things for sure – Team Trudeau seem ready for the rough and tumble of what’s to come in the next few months and have set their stall out early.

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