Kink Festival looks to add flavour to La Vieille Capitale

Kink Festival looks to add flavour to La Vieille Capitale’s Ruby Pratka talks to Q-City Kink Festival founder and co-organiser about the upcoming alternative lifestyle event.

The Imperial Theatre and Tryp Hotel Pur in downtown Quebec City will host a one-of-a-kind festival in May – the third annual Quebec City Kink and Alternative Lifestyle Festival, also known as Q-City Kink.

Several hundred people are expected to attend the festival, which runs from May 15-18 and offers couples and individuals a chance to explore the world of bondage and sadomasochism in an exciting but safe environment, through workshops, social events, parties and a trade fair.

Master_Severyn“At first it was just a BDSM festival, but I opened it to Gothic and cyberpunk and burlesque [fans] because the people coming were into more than just BDSM,” says the festival’s founder and co-organizer, a Quebec City resident who prefers to be known by his scene name, Master Severyn. “For the first two years it was also very local, but now I want it to be an international event. So far [interest] has been great; we have had people from Japan and South Africa visiting our website.”

“It’s an opportunity for people to check out something different,” Master Severyn says. “People know that gothic, burlesque and sadomasochism [subcultures] exist, but where do you go to experience that? You go here.”

“We want to be able to bring together people who are interested in kink. Firstly, we want them to meet other people like them, and secondly, we want people to learn how to do spanking and bondage safely or learn new ways of intimacy.”

“A lot of people come to an event like this feeling alone. They think they are the only one with a specific fantasy, and then they find there are other people like them, someone else who likes to play the role of a puppy for example. There might be a whole workshop for ‘puppies.’ Any kind of fantasy that people have in their minds, others share it.”

Master Severyn says he wants the festival to attract people who have been in the kink universe for decades, as well as complete newcomers.

He encourages ‘vanilla’ people, those who have never experienced kink, to give it a try and challenge the perceptions they may have. “BDSM isn’t always about sex and it isn’t always about pain,” he says. “A lot of people enjoy the pain but that’s not all of it. The S and M is the pain part, but the rest is about sensuality, communication, intimacy, sensation play and finding new ways to excite your partner. There are so many ways you can enjoy sexuality, fantasy, role-plays, extend your horizons and discover new things, discover a different part of intimacy.”

“Fetishism and BDSM are like an ice cream store with more than 100 flavours.”

The festival will feature workshops, fashion shows, live burlesque and bondage art performances, demonstrations, “play parties” for those who wish to experiment, and nightly dance and theme parties with live music from Melvis and the Jive Cats (rockabilly), Detroit Diesel (industrial / EBM) and Monde Cruel (gothic), as well as social events with a fetish twist. Single festival-goers will be able to attend “speed dating” events.

The event is 18+ and GLBT-friendly. Pass prices range from $40 to $150.

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“I want people to get an eyeful,” Master Severyn says.

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