La Ruche a hive of activity

La Ruche a hive of activity

With La Ruche (The Hive) for a name, we expect some buzzing. That is exactly what this new organization relying on crowdfunding of projects and which will go around the province.

This web platform comes from business people. The organizers thought that the group Ça Bouge!’s credibility had to expand to all the population.

Business people took control with $800,000 worth of donations coming from 275 businesses. With La Ruche, they give a hand to the population to incite people to encourage projects they love. Crowdfunding is not new and the project presented on Tuesday has the particularity of being regional while working for the region. Each project must be from Quebecers and leave an impact on the region, even though it is a project that will shine in international markets.

La Ruche is a non-profit organization and is independent from Ça bouge!. Their goal is to help finance projects, where they give support from the start to launch them. Plus, with more than 60 ambassadors, the SM 40 validates the legitimacy of the projects; new entrepreneurs can also find a mentor.

The crowdfunding idea is great to collect huge sums with many small donations. If you have a $5 or a $20 that could be used, go take a look at their website and you will see to who you can give it to because there are many projects that need to expand.

11 projects were accepted by the approbation committee until now. The promoter must submit a text and video of his project and his financing objectives. If the promoter doesn’t meet the set objectives, no donor will be debited. La Ruche, to finance its activities, takes a 7% commission on the asked financing with the objective of reaching autonomy in the first year of operation.  Promoters must also plan rewards for donors according to the each donation.

Quebec City is engaged in this project and is contributing $116,250. For the mayor Regis Labeaume, La Ruche projects his economic development administration’s vision. For him, if the region is doing well economically it is because business people and the population show that they can manage various situations.
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