La Voix Auditions Begin

La Voix Auditions Begin

Quebec City (Quebec) 31 May 2015 – Hundreds of people were already in line at Place Laurier on Saturday morning to try to seduce producer Stéphane Laporte during pre-auditions for the fourth season of La Voix in Quebec.

In total, M. Laporte and his sidekick, Eshter Terman, expect to hear some 5,000 candidates, from everywhere across Québec. Of these, only 100 will be selected to participate in blind auditions. La Voix mirrors its American concept, where selected participants audition for “coaches” – famous recording artists. The coaches’ backs are however turned to the auditioning person, and so it is only on the merit of their voices that the coaches decide whether or not to take on a new participant.

This weekend in Québec, more than a thousand people will parade in the spotlight, on the 2nd floor of the mall.

The pre-auditions will continue until Sunday 20h.

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