Labeaume: City to get $97.5M Rink for $6M Net Cost

Labeaume: City to get $97.5M Rink for $6M Net Cost

Régis Labeaume submitted to the municipal council that the construction of the covered ice ring will be almost no cost to the municipality.

Stung by the criticism, the mayor has strongly defended the proposed $ 97.5 million project, funded equally by the federal, provincial and municipal. The Leader of the Opposition Paul Shoiry, had questioned the construction of the equipment, when the city has waived his Olympic dream. Shoiry seemed convinced by the presentation of the mayor. After the project briefing before the council meeting, Shoiry admitted later that it was “difficult to say that this is not a good project.”

Mr. Labeaume explained that according to estimates by the City of Québec, the investment will not be 32.5 million dollars, but 6 million. The construction of the ring will have two ice rinks which will help avoid replacing two arenas that will be closed Beauport and Sainte -Foy. The mayor said the city would have invested 20 to $ 25 million anyway to rebuild, thus reducing the bill of the ice ring to $ 10 million. It also subtracts the revenue from the sale of the property of the arenas, estimated at $ 4 million.The mayor continued his explanation by stating that other incomes, such as the ability to sell the name of the ring for $ 100,000 and taxes of housing to be built on the grounds of the arena in Sainte -Foy, will reduce all charges for taxpayers of the City of Quebec.

He believes the ice ring will attract 100,000 skaters annually. The mayor also said yesterday that he wanted to organize a last minute meeting with Laval University to see if there would be an interest in building the ice ring.

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