Labeaume ‘understands’ budget cuts

Labeaume ‘understands’ budget cuts

Quebec City (Quebec) 06 November, 2014 – In a press conference held yesterday by Premier Philippe Couillard, Municipal Affairs Minister, Pierre Moreau, and Finance Minister Carlos Leitāo it was announced that the province would be cutting its transfer payments to the municipalities by $300 million.

It’s all part of the huge task the province has to try and reduce its deficit before the budget of 2015.

The mayors of the major cities in the province were on hand to receive the news and surprisingly enough both Mayor Labeaume (Quebec City) and Mayor Denis Coderre (Montreal) were both on board and ready to readjust their city budgets to accommodate the cuts.

Mayor Labeaume used the verb ‘comprendre’ (understand) to express his co-operation towards the province and its goal to reduce the province’s debt, understanding that everyone has to do his part to make things better in the state’s finances. Quebec City will see its part of the transfers being reduced by $20 million and is going to bring out a new budget for the city which will include some savings to compensate for the difference. The cuts will probably come in the administrative end of the city’s operations by amalgamating some of the borough development offices.

Mayor Coderre had exactly the same reaction, even though his city will have to bite off the biggest part of the pie with a slice of $75 million less in this year’s financial books.

Both Mayors made it clear to the taxpayers that the municipal taxes will not be affected by the reduction in transfer payments, and that the only difference in tax rates, if there are to be some, would be caused by inflation.

On the other end of the stick, some of the smaller towns and municipalities throughout the province tend to be a bit upset over the cuts claiming they weren’t consulted beforehand and may have difficulty meeting their demands.

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