Lac Mégantic: Back on Track

Lac Mégantic: Back on Track

As ironic as it may sound, the mayor of Lac Mégantic is anxious to have her trains back and running as soon as possible and that could very well be as soon as this weekend.

There was a lot of chatter about the fact that the trains shouldn’t be running through the town when the accident happened, but now because some of the offices of the rail companies are in the town and other people living there work on the rails she wants the goods rolling through town again so that those companies don’t leave to go elsewhere.

She is confident that all the security measures are in place and that Transport Canada will give the go ahead making sure that such an accident will never happen again.

New permits have been issued and no dangerous goods should be passing directly through town.

The tracks belong to the municipality and the mayor has assured everyone that it is better for the local economy to have everything running like it was, before the accident on July 6th that killed 47 people, than to have the village turn into a ghost town.
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  1. glenns
    glenns 22 November, 2013, 12:24

    I am pleased to report that the City of Hamilton has donated a ladder truck to the Lac Mégantic Fire Department 🙂

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