Lack of government control promoting animal cruelty in Quebec

Lack of government control promoting animal cruelty in Quebec

Quebec City (Quebec) 17 September 2015 – The lack of sufficient laws and inspections from the Quebec Government is allowing dog and cat breeders to pretty much do as they please with their animals. There is no inspection procedure in place and even if there was, the laws are lacking to back-up any perceived wrongdoings.

The way animals are bred and treated by their owners in Quebec is a free-for-all and without laws and inspections the mistreatment and misuse of animals will go on forever. There are no specific guidelines by the Minister of Agriculture (MAPAQ) to obtain a permit for anyone who wants to start a breeding business, whether it’s dogs, cats, horses, or other animals.

Right now breeders use the MAPAQ stamp as a “certification” that their product is legitimate and under government control when in fact, it means pretty much next to nothing.

This week, the SPCA, the SPA and all animal rights groups are defending their case in front of the legislature to have laws put in place to protect and promote proper controls.

The law 52 project will hopefully bring some clarity to the situation. The groups want all animal breeders, including zoos and pet stores to be supervised and controlled by a valid and applicable law which can be defended in the courts.

Several cases of animal misuse and cruelty have been exposed in the past few years in the province but, according to the association of SPA and SPCA (AQSS) in the province, without proper legislation and viable inspections nothing can be done to stop it.

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