Lack of pellets causing concern for pellet stove owners

Lack of pellets causing concern for pellet stove owners

Quebec City (Quebec) 14 January 2015 – If you’re one of those people that heats your house with a pellet stove or own a pellet stove for its heating efficiency you may have a problem obtaining the pellets themselves as there appears to be a shortage at the present time.

Pellet stoves are extremely efficient and environmentally friendly and are becoming more and more popular when compared to a standard wood stove or fireplace. The problem which has come to light recently is the seemingly shortage of supply.

One of Quebec’s major manufacturers of the pellets, which are made from sawdust or left over wood products from sawmills, says the demand at the present time is stronger than the supply.

According to the managing director of Granules LG, Ken St-Gelais, the problem has surfaced mainly due to people who buy up huge quantities of the pellets so they will have a couple years supply at home instead of buying smaller quantities at a time.

The company also states that about two-thirds of their production is exported to Europe and the USA because contracts have been signed and those agreements have to be respected.

Most of the product shipped to Europe is used to produce electricity.

This year Quebec produced 325,000 tons of pellets 200,000 of which were slated for export, leaving 125,000 tons for local retailers here in the province.

Interesting enough the manufacturer gets more for his product when it is sold locally as compared to that which is exported.

The local current price for a ton of pellets is $225 whereas the exported ton only fetches $200 a ton.

The Quebec wood producers board says production has increased by about 5% to 10% this year, similar to the previous years and that normal deliveries are made on a weekly basis to local retailers.

The problem comes from people who buy up all they can as quickly as they can causing a store’s stock to be depleted within 24 hours.

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