Lake Placid ready for the Olympics with Quebec City

Lake Placid ready for the Olympics with Quebec City

Quebec City (Quebec) 10 February 2015 – According to Le Soleil newspaper in Quebec City, Lake Placid, New York would be more than willing to co-operate with the city to host the Olympic Games for 2026.

A suggestion was made by the president of the FIS, Gian-Franco Kasper last January, that if Quebec City didn’t want to host the games itself, because of the rules concerning the downhill skiing restrictions, they could use the mountain in Lake Placid. Whiteface Mountain was used in the past for the winter Olympics in 1980 and 1932.

The problem in Quebec City was, and still is, the height of the nearest mountain, which is not quite long enough to accommodate the giant slalom ski event, meaning the city couldn’t necessarily bid on any future Olympics.

The height of the mountain was one of the reasons Quebec City lost its bid for the 2002 games.

The mayor of Lake Placid, Craig H. Randall, is open to the idea of having a joint Olympics with Quebec City and has offered his mountain and its facilities to the Mayor of Quebec if the city is interested.

The IOC changed its rules last year stating that any host city could share the event with a surrounding city if the requirements could not be met by the host city itself, opening the door for a joint venture between two neighbouring cities, even if they aren’t in the same country.

Mayor Labeaume on the other hand would like the Olympic committee to change its criteria so that his city could use its own mountain without having to share the facilities in Lake Placid.

Mayor Labeaume is not too enthusiastic about hosting the games, either alone or with Lake Placid, and is sticking to his decision, citing the exorbitant costs and the overall lack of recognition the games give a city in the long run.

Marcel Aubut, president of the Canadian Olympic committee, who is originally from Quebec City, is pushing the Mayor to host the games.

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