Latest stats show Quebec City getting larger demographically

Latest stats show Quebec City getting larger demographically

Quebec City (Quebec) 10 December 2014 – According to the latest statistics from the Institut de la statistique du Québec (ISQ) the downtown core of Quebec City has grown to 570,400 residents over the last year.

The reasons given are three fold. The natural birth rate has increased slightly, allowing newborns to overtake the dying population by a small margin but that number in decreasing slowly. Interesting to note that the average age for a new mother in Quebec City is around 30-34 as compared to the old figures of 25-29.

The second reason given is the number of younger outlying citizens who have decided to move to the city for education purposes or to find work.
The third part of the puzzle is the number of Immigrants who have decided to make Quebec City their home. Quebec City however is not a first choice for immigrants as most end up in Montreal which tends to attract the majority of foreign migrants. Only 5.5% of all immigrants choose Quebec over Montreal.

In the last 4 years Quebec City has seen 11,000 new residents from other countries.

The average age of a Quebec City citizen is 43 years old which is higher than other areas of the province.

The number of births is also lower than elsewhere, and the over 65 population is above the province’s average.

Quebec province itself has lost 13,000 citizens in the last year to other provinces.

Many young people are leaving to find work in Alberta and Ontario.

About 5,000 have moved to Quebec from other provinces leaving a deficit of about 8,000.

The number of people leaving the province can be compared to 1998 when the exodus was at one of its peaks.

The total population of the province stands at 8.2 million, an increase of 63,000 in a single year.

That’s life in Québec, folks.

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