Laurier, Quebec City’s biggest fashion center

Laurier, Quebec City’s biggest fashion center

What distinguishes Place Laurier as a fashion center is definitely the wide range of shops and retail chains, addressing a large audience and constantly renewing their goods. Each week, retailers offer and showcase new trends, which attracts and retains customers.

One of the strengths of Laurier Quebec is certainly targeting retailers, known and popular with consumers and offering those retailers a large retail space. Among the big names of affordable fashion, there are in particular H & M, Old Navy, Reitmans, Laura, Mexx, Sears, The Bay, and more recently, the arrival of Target and American Eagle Outfitters.

Many of these retailers dress men, women and children, making it popular destinations for families in the area.

In addition to families and tourists (Laurier is one of the most popular places for tourists), the marketing team also aims to attract young people. Adolescents and young adults are particularly fond of ads offering a relaxed cheap style.

Following the fashion trends, this niche is growing this year. The basics, jeans and clothing for weekends are easily spotted in the mall, either at Point Zero , Old Navy or the new American Eagle Outfitters. This popular American chain was opened in mid -October , to the delight of 15-25 year old, its main customers.

Focusing on everyday fashion, Laurier becomes a place often frequented by consumers who stop for various reasons: to enjoy a sale on jeans, splurge on new shoes or clothing for the little one for school.

What are the trends can be seen in the shop windows this month? Just before the holidays, coats, boots and accessories for the cold season steal the show. Not to mention knits, jeans and plaid shirts, which are reflections of the very popular casual trend of fashion this year?

An accessory can customize, upgrade or simply add a more sophisticated note to an outfit. And fashion accessories shops are plentiful in Laurier Québec. What are the most sought after? Here are our top three from this season’s collection.

This year, massive necklaces take over. On a plain sweater, T -shirt with round neck or a white blouse, it gives chic and shines. It also can be worn with a jacket or little black dress, for a detailed neckline.

The bag is large. For storing both our personal belongings and our purchases, the tote bag is a convenient for shopping and pretty.

Leather is everywhere this fall. Real or fake, it can be found on clothing, but also as an accessory.
Just in time for the cold season, opt for a pair of colored leather gloves.
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