Le Concierge – A Summer Play by Theatre Beaumont, St. Michel, QC

Le Concierge – A Summer Play by Theatre Beaumont, St. Michel, QC

Review by Job Patstone

If you like summer theater and feel like taking a little jaunt to the south shore of Quebec City, Theatre Beaumont in St. Michel, (about a half hour road trip) is presenting a play this year called Le Concierge, a story about the ultimate revenge on an ex-husband by his ex-wife which will have you laughing in stitches for a full two hours.

The theater itself is in an old barn back from the road and has been presenting summer plays for over 40 years. This year’s production features two well known Quebec actors with Nathalie Mallette playing the lead role of Evelyne (ex-wife) and Sylvain Marcel playing Jean Pierre (the down and out ex-husband) who hopes to rely on his ex-wife’s kind heart to save him from complete ruin.

The story goes down like this. Evelyne, who now runs her own publishing house agrees to help Jean-Pierre when he comes begging at her door after experiencing financial ruin, but she has one important condition he must adhere to. Since she doesn’t want anyone in her office to know who Jean-Pierre is, she hires him as a ‘concierge’ and demands he work under another name, of her choosing, and to remain as incognito as possible.

It doesn’t take long however for Jean-Pierre to realize that Evelyne doesn’t have such a kind heart after all, in fact she gets her revenge from him leaving her 20 years before by making him do all sorts of ridiculous and menial tasks to completely humiliate the man. For Evelyne, it’s payback time, but things don’t necessarily work out exactly as she wanted.

The play (in French) runs Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from June 23rd until September 2nd and lasts approximately 2 hours with a 20 minute refreshment break between the two acts.

Prices and packages (Dinner and Theater) can be found at theatrebeaumontstmichel.com or by calling 418-884-3344, or 1-866-884-3344.

The dinner menu has a wide selection, of good country food including several ‘gluten free’ choices.

We went on a Wednesday night and the place was packed, so you might want to reserve your tickets well ahead of time.


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