Le Massif Ski Centre to get $150 million hotel and condos

Le Massif Ski Centre to get $150 million hotel and condos

Quebec City (Quebec) 11 September, 2014 – The ski centre, located in Charlevoix, Québec which has become an elite destination for people from everywhere has decided to take the plunge and build a hotel and condominium complex at the bottom of the slopes making it possible for those people out of town to stay directly on the site.

The ski centre has become more and more popular over the years and needs to expand its facilities if it wants to compete with places like Mont Ste. Anne and Lake Placid. More condos will be built in the future as the demand increases.

The developer, Daniel Gauthier, will have some help the Quebec Government to finance the project. The condos will be advertised in Toronto and Montreal and elsewhere to hopefully sell all the units before construction starts, guaranteeing revenue from the get go.

The Quebec Government is investing $10.3 million, as a potential for tourist dollars will be beneficial to the province in the long run.

The municipality of St. Francois also has to improve its water filtration system and its supply perimeter to be able to maintain a substantial water pressure for the new development. This work will be done as part of a $10 to $15 million project to update the town’s infrastructure.

The whole Baie St. Paul area has become a well known tourist area and this new development will only increase the flow of tourists who can at the same time enjoy Quebec’s culture and cuisine in the nearby town.

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