Le Tapis Vert, Ste-Foy – A Review

Le Tapis Vert, Ste-Foy – A Review

Review and photos by Isabelle Soucy

Billiards seems to be a game that stands the test of time. This popular pastime attracts people of all ages, of all skill-levels and is an activity of choice for socializing, or simply for taking one’s mind off of daily responsibilities for a temporary period of pleasurable time.

Le Tapis Vert Ste-Foy is an engaging entertainment centre ideal for catching up with friends, unwinding from a work day, practicing your billiards skills or lounging at the bar.

Le Tapis Vert is conveniently located near the Robert-Bourassa highway (highway 740) and Chemin Ste-Foy. 

Overview of the Services:

With regards to entertainment, Le Tapis Vert offers 24 impeccable pool tables, 10 dart boards, 5 snooker tables, 3 ping-pong tables, as well as video-lottery stations.

To enhance your enjoyment, Le Tapis Vert offers access to three beautiful decorated, modern bars with friendly staff and great service. If you are looking for a venue for group gatherings or for special parties, Le Tapis Vert offers the possibility to reserve private rooms.

Review of the Establishment:

Ambiance : Significant investment has been made to Le Tapis Vert to upgrade the decor and create an extremely modern, welcoming, relaxing and playful ambiance. The various sections are colourfully and creatively lit and decorated, while the overall lighting is subdued. Contemporary music adds to the entertainment and the associated music clips are played onto several TVs around the billiard rooms. Other television sets feature sport games and athletic events. Pool tables are spread out comfortably, allowing for sufficient room to play and thwarting the feeling that you are sharing your experience with the neighbouring group of players. The open space concept makes it inviting, and separate sections are dedicated to activities such as ping-pong and snooker.

Quality and service: The staff were remarkably friendly from the moment they greeted us, leaving the impression that attentive customer service is something highly valued by the establishment. Expect your curiosity to take over during the initial moments after you set foot on the floor, as you might be drawn towards the many creative and modern pieces of art adorning the walls, as well as towards the fun plays of lights in the different sections of the centre. In regards to pool, fun is guaranteed (provided you enjoy pool in the first place, although this place may entice you to play despite an existing appreciation of billiards). The tables, cues and pool balls are in great condition, and all the accessories you might need to play are handy (chalk, scoreboards, triangle, mechanical bridge/bridge stick). If you prefer to watch your friends as they battle around a game of pool, nearby stools and high tables will allow you to do so comfortably. Typical bar snacks and meals can be ordered if the game makes you hungry. Although there are a large number of pool tables available and the fact that they are open until 3:00am seven days a week, clients have the opportunity to reserve by phone, e-mail, or online via their website. Impromptu drop-ins are also welcomed and accepted.

Price: Pool tables, ping-pong tables and snooker tables can be rented for 10$ per hour. Dartboard use is free, and the price for video-lottery will be determined by you!

Contact Information:

Address: 2323 du Versant Nord, Quebec, QC G1N 4G4

Phone number: 418-781-2582

Website: www.tapisvertstefoy.ca


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