Le Trouble – High Energy You Have to Hear

Le Trouble – High Energy You Have to Hear

I met up with indie band Le Trouble a few hours before their show at Le Cercle for the Festival d’Été.  Jokers by nature, it was obvious the Montréal-based band was already having a good time working down a pint or two.  Though you’ve probably never heard of them, this was the band’s third time performing in the city, but were quick to add this was their most important show here yet.  Referring to their show later that evening, they said “tonight is the hot date, it’s the girl we want to ask to prom.”  The five-man band burst into laughter at the analogy, especially with the implication that their other shows here so far were “warm-up times…”

When I asked them to describe their music, they quickly flipped the tables on me, asking me to tell them how I’d described it (I’d listened to their album before meeting up with them and was impressed).  I was at a loss for words at the time, but as soon as their show began, the words came to me.  For a band I’d never heard of, I couldn’t have been happier.

In keeping with their easy-going nature, the band opened by toasting a shot of liquor to the audience’s health before getting underway.  I could best describe the band’s sound as “feel-good pop-rock with an edge” – their music could easily be the soundtrack to a carefree summer block party, with high-intensity rhythm and a musical style that will make you want to jump around despite yourself.

Le Trouble was also incredibly generous with their fans, who nearly filled up the room, at one point inviting on-stage a girl who’d moved to the front to take a selfie with the band – all without skipping a beat of their energetic set.  My only complaint could be that the show ended too soon, after a mere 50 minutes.  The band might have just a few songs under their belt, but if this is any indication, I’m looking forward to what’s to come.  You’ll be hearing more about these guys, no doubt, but until then, they’ve earned a spot on my best iTunes playlists.

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