Leclerc Communication’s John Pedulla Bringing New Music to Québec

Leclerc Communication’s John Pedulla Bringing New Music to Québec
John Pedulla Prize

John Pedulla, winner of the 2014 ADISQ Musical Director of the Year

They were the first to bring us the music of Lorde, Aloe Blacc, and dozens of other artists.  They even discovered David Thibault.  And last night, Leclerc Communication’s John Pedulla became the city’s first recipient the prized Musical Director of the Year award from the ADISQ (Quebec Association of the Recording, Show, and Video Industry), awarded annually since 2003.

The feeling was festive at Leclerc Communications’ offices this morning.  We were there for an unrelated interview, but the happy news was quickly shared by the two-year-old Québec City owned company’s Vice-President, Nicolas Leclerc.  When asked about their music selection process, M. Leclerc put it simply: “When we’re in our listening committee, we’re not looking at what others in our market segment are playing.  We’re going on what our needs are… on who we are.  We find inspiration in what else is being played throughout North America, sure, but we’re always trying to be pioneers.”  Clearly, the ADISQ agrees with their way of doing things.  Their adult album alternative music station, WKND 91.9, is sometimes one of the first on the continent to give mainstream air to new songs – which isn’t without its own risks.

“The best example I can give you is On Top of the World by Imagine Dragons.  We were the first, I think, or one of the first, to bring that in,” M. Leclerc tells us.  “Major players like Sony or Warner will tell us, ‘You’re too quick on playing this song!’, but to us, we’ve been playing Radioactive [also by Imagine Dragons] so long that it’s burned out.  We’re already looking for the next hit and we’re sure this is going to be it.”  M. Leclerc admits there have sometimes been misses, but On Top of the World has since become a worldwide hit.

As we left, the small stations’ employees were on their way to mimosas to celebrate John Pedulla’s prize.  “Some of us came in pretty late [from Montréal] last night,” one employee confided, “but this morning we’re all very excited.  This is a great day for us.”

Farnell Morisset, Staff Writer

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