Legionnaire’s disease resurfacing in Quebec City

Legionnaire’s disease resurfacing in Quebec City

Main pic: Lung tissue specimen from a Knoxville patient with fatal pneumonia due to Legionnaires’ disease. Photo credit: William Cherry.

Quebec City (Quebec) 17 July 2015 – There has been a case of legionnaire’s disease reported in the region recently and the Quebec Public Health Authorities are investigating where and or how the individual affected came into contact with the potential bacteria.

The individual’s name and in which hospital he is being treated has been withheld under the Quebec Privacy act. The patient is not under quarantine because the disease is not contagious and cannot be transferred from person to person.

The concern is the source of the bacteria and the man, under the age of 50, is being questioned as to his whereabouts during the last two weeks. Legionnaire’s takes about ten days to appear as a sickness, so it is consequently important to know if the patient was in contact with tainted water or any other source where the bacteria could incubate.

The case is a concern for the health authorities since back in 2012 the same bacteria caused the death of 13 people and affected 180 others. The cause of the 2012 outbreak was found to be related to the poor maintenance of some air conditioning systems of several buildings in the area of the infected individuals.

The newly discovered case is in the same area, Limoilou, as the previous bout from 2012.

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