Les 12 heures du chant trad, 8th edition

Les 12 heures du chant trad, 8th edition

Welcome to the bubble!

The Atelier de chant traditionnel de Québec with the support of the Centre de valorisation de patrimoine vivant – Es Trad (CVPV) is pleased to invite you to the 8th edition of its annual event, Les 12 heures du chant! The event will take place November 15 in the basement of the Maison Chevalier in Quebec City.

The concept is simple: 12 uninterrupted hours of vocal music, with the spotlight on traditional Québécois singing. There will be no stage, no instruments, no programs and no stars, only people coming together to share the joy of singing and the apparently inexhaustible, rich and varied repertoire of traditional music.

Anyone can sing, at any time, but there’s no obligation. Some come to listen, to answer, to learn. You can drop by for a few minutes or stay for the entire event. Songs are shared in a simple, warm and convivial atmosphere. Everyone is welcome.

A buffet dinner will be available for $10 per person. All profits will finance the activities of the Atelier de chant traditionnel.

Every year, around 200 songs are sung by about 60 different singers.

There are two rules:
1) We sing from memory; no notebooks or lyrics.
2) The same exact song cannot be sung more than once, although different versions of the same song are accepted. A designated “memory guardian” will politely intervene if necessary.

Everyone is welcome, whether you’ve already been bitten by the traditional singing bug, or whether you don’t yet know much about it but are curious to discover its hidden delights.

When: Saturday, November 15, 2014  From 1:00 PM to 1:00 AM Sunday
Where: Voûtes de la maison Chevalier
60, rue du Marché Champlain (Québec, QC)
Cost: free (voluntary donations appreciated)
$10 for on-site buffet dinner

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