Les Sept Chutes Nature Park Closing Down

Les Sept Chutes Nature Park Closing Down

Saint-Ferréol-les-Neiges (Quebec) 4 February 2015 – One of the region’s most attractive and interesting nature parks, Les Sept Chutes, is closing down its operations due to lack of funds, and visitors.

The park, which follows the Sainte-Anne du Nord River with nature trails and lookouts, ends up at an old abandoned village where the workers who built the hydro dam farther up the river, used to live and work in the past. On the way up, there are seven waterfalls which are quite spectacular when seen from the opposite side of the river.

The park has only welcomed about 20,000 visitors a year in recent years – mostly tourists, and as a result had been having trouble making ends meet.

The town of Saint-Ferréol and Hydro-Quebec, who were assuming the costs of operating the park, have finally thrown in the towel claiming that the $420,000 it costs to operate every year is not being met by its total revenue.

The attraction is not producing enough revenue to even come close to breaking even and has been running on a deficit for some time. There are also some serious repairs and improvements that have to be undertaken to keep the park up to snuff, so the decision to close was unanimous due to the recent restraints on provincial and municipal budgets.

The hydro dam on the river will continue to produce its 22 megawatts of power despite the closure of the park. The Mayor of Saint-Ferréol-les Neiges, Parise Cormier, together with the local development centre director, hopes the area will find other attractions for those people who enjoy the outdoors and mentions that the tourist trade has changed, forcing the area to redirect and update its agendas in accordance to the new demands.

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