Leveret Propels Québec’s les Capitales Baseball Team

Leveret Propels Québec’s les Capitales Baseball Team

Rene Leveret hit a homerun allowing three runners to cross the homeplate in the sixth inning leading les Capitales de Québec to a 5-3 victory against the Grand Prairie AirHogs, Friday night at the QuikTrip Park in Texas.

This was the fifth major distance hit of the season for the designated hitter of the Québecois foundation. In the hitting sequence, Tim Smith and Matt Helms also reached the homeplate. A few seconds prior, Balbino Fuenmayor had hit a third ball to the outfield in the same game. He proceeded to score a point after a single hit by Helms.

Leveret thus came to support the Capitales starting pitcher, Leondy Perez, who experienced an excellent start on the mound as he got the six first hitters he faced out. In seven innings of hard completed work, he gave up four outfield hits and struck out three players. Kirk Clark then came in as a reliever, but experienced certain difficulties, so he gave up two outfield hits in a mere third of an inning.

Jay Johnson was brought to the mound while the runners found themselves on the first two bases. The reliever succeeded in getting the two last hitters out in the eighth inning, putting a stop to the major threat.

During their last turn at bat, the AirHogs were only able to get a single off of Johnson.

Fuenmayor Continues to Demonstrate
Within the victory, the Capitales easily hit the ball on 12 different occasions. Four of these fence hits were off of Fuenmayor’s bat, alongside Jonathan Malo who hit two. Danny Gutierrez suffered the setback after raking in five hits in six innings. The crowd favorites went through three additional pitchers after Gutierrez was taken off the mound.

The first runs of the game were scored in the third inning. At this point, the Capitales got a run on the scoreboard after a hit by Fuenmayor permitted Sébastien Boucher, who was on second base at the time, to complete his journey to homeplate. Shortly after, the local team scored three runs during their turn at bat to take the lead.

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