Lévis – A tramway, yes, but…

Lévis – A tramway, yes, but…

According to the Jean-François Carrier, Director-general of the STLévis, there is uncertainty prevailing around whether or not the tramway will have an impact on the proposed Metrobus program Lévis wants to develop throughout the South Shore boulevard.

In effect, Quebec Mayor Régis Labeaume, has also appeared to change his mind as well, referring to his preference for a widening of motorways.

At a conference before l’Association québécoise de transport, he addressed members with the working title “Le tramway, oui, mais…( The Tramway, yes, but…).” Then, he said that his priority was more oriented towards the widening of the highways to the Capital Region rather than in focusing on the tramway.

If we remember a study, of which results will be announced in the fall of 2014, which is underway to analyze the feasibility to implement this new mode of transportation in Quebec. The city of Lévis also managed to include the possibility of extending the potential to the Rive-Sud all the way to rue Saint-Omer.

Alongside this, the STLévis conducted a study of preliminary draft on the establishment of a section between boulevard Alphonse-Desjardin and rue Saint-Omer. According to preliminary estimates, it would cost 25 M$ for approximately one kilometre of the tramway. However, this amount includes the cost of the infrastructure for the tramway which would be built along the same route. This project could be realized in one to two years, way before the tramway.

Should the city invest in infrastructure without knowing if the rest is to come? “What is important for us at the moment, is not so much the infrastructure but the required space.” […] We know that the tram will move along the center of the roadways. Therefore, considering our buses project which already provides a high level of service, we must also reserve a central space, meaning that we need to ensure that it will be large enough to be eventually converted”, explained Jean-François Carrier, going on to say that, “This is the current case that we must consider.”

Without knowing the direction of tram project, it is difficult to say whether or not this project will be worth it.

A streetcar, Yes, but…

The potential Lévis mayoral candidates were invited to comment on the project and believe that improvement of public transit is paramount, but that does not mean that the tramway project is essential.

Antoine Dubé, head of Renouveau Lévis, suggests the introduction of a commuter train. “The tram will not be very fast although a commuter train is feasible in the medium term. […] The tram is a long-term solution,” he says, taking care to specify that it is not necessarily an election promise.

He is somewhat similar to candidate, Isabelle Demers who does not want to promise a project that will not see the light of day in the short term. “We may say that we want a tramway, but if they say it will be realized in 10 to 15 years, the problem is still not resolved. […] I wish that we would look at measures that could be developed quickly to help the population” she says. For the candidate, the challenge is to first demonstrate that public transit is more effective than a car. “It is much easier for a young person to pay $ 200 per month for a car allowing them to go wherever they please,” she adds.

André Jean, head of Action Lévis, wants to do everything he can to reduce automobile traffic. “Promoting carpooling, we can take the tram or use the efficient bus service. We must look at all potential methods to remove cars from the road”, he insists.

In the end, Mrs. Demers agrees with the Mayor of Quebec City. “If the Government decides to pay, it would be crazy to say no.

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