Towards Lévis and Québec Amalgamation?

Towards Lévis and Québec Amalgamation?

Quebec City (Quebec) 11 November 2014 – In the last few weeks questions were being asked as to whether or not the city of Lévis, on the opposite shore of Québec City, should be amalgamated and become part of the larger city, which in turn would increase the total population of Québec City itself. The idea came from a report from backed in part by the Parti Québecois MNA, Agnès Maltais.

The Minister of Labour, Sam Hamad, is not enthusiastic about the idea. According to the minister, the two cities function very well as separate entities and no further integration is necessary to either improve or administer the two centres. The province is already reducing the number of Development centres (CLD) and the Regional conferences, (CRE) to accommodate the new budget cuts and no other mergers are in the works.

The mayors of the two cities, Régis Labeaume and Gilles Lehouillier, both agree with the minister citing that as far as tourism, public transport and the St. Lawrence River are concerned the two municipalities are already on the same track going in the same direction. Mayor Labeaume even made reference to the fact that Quebec City has no imperialistic ideals towards the City of Lévis or anywhere else for that matter.

All three politicians agree that there does not appear to be any confusion or disagreement between the north shore and the south shore of the river. Obviously the status quo is working.

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