Lévis Boasts the Tallest “Living Garden” in the World

Lévis Boasts the Tallest “Living Garden” in the World


A company from Vancouver called Green Over Grey has just finished installing the highest or tallest living garden in the world, in the new building of the Désjardins complex in Lévis. Living gardens, also known as green walls or vertical gardens, are becoming a popular way to decorate concrete walls both inside and outside in urban areas.

They consist of simply installing different plants onto special supports which allow the plants to grow and flourish without the use of dirt. A special hydroponic watering system is built into the wall before the plants are introduced.  From there, it becomes a design issue of choosing plants of different shades of green or even adding some plants which grow dark red or brown leaves, making the wall a colourful display of plant life like a living mural. In British Columbia these walls can be found on the exterior walls of different buildings and even on bridges but, as one of the co-owners Patrick Poiraud points out, they can only be installed in the interior in the rest of the country, as the automatic irrigation system needs to be functioning 365 days a year.

The “Wall” at Désjardins consists of lily of the valley, ginger, banana plants, ferns and some philodendrons giving it several colour combinations.  The theme was inspired by the St. Lawrence River and is titled Les Courants. It stands 65 meters high, contains 11,000 plants with 42 different species and covers 2130 sq, feet. It took 5 months from planning to completion and is of course environmentally attractive and functional all at the same time.

This same company has decorated many different buildings throughout Canada and the US including the head offices of Microsoft, and the head office of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

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