Lévis Children Gain New Playground

Lévis Children Gain New Playground

Starting February 8th, children will have access to a playground as Milles Pattes Amusements opens a game centre with an area of 10,000 square feet.

Milles Pattes Amusements is the creation of young entrepreneurs from Levis. They know a lot about game modules because they have been at the head of 1000 Pattes, which supplies many game centres in Canada. They are therefore aware of the games that children prefer the most and this is how they created the centre in Levis.

Three different games zones are installed. First of all, there is a huge labyrinth structure where kids can climb, jump, slide, and more. A part of this structure is adapted and reserved for kids aged four and under while the rest of the module is to be used for kids up to 12-years old.

Another game area will be occupied by an exterior module. For the opening, a huge pirate boat will be set up. This module will be changed approximately once per month to present 1000 Pattes’ new models.

Finally, a third section will be dedicated to inflatable games. They will be changed once a week. Presently, huge slides are installed and personnel are on-site to ensure security but the presence of a responsible parent is always necessary.

Parents also have a waiting area where they can watch their children play. In addition, there is a private room for birthday parties and space for groups on the first floor. There is also a huge variety of candy available at the candy shop. Many characters will animate the place on weekends and for birthdays. The company is presently searching for employees to fill the spots.

For more information:  www.millepattesamusements.com

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